Matte Black

using black to style a room Pic courtesy of: Overstock[/caption]

Black is very on-trend this season, from black kitchen cupboards, to black sofas. Black accents are a great way to make a room feel elegant and modern, with a dramatic touch. Just be careful not to pair the black with too many dark colours. Instead, pair black with beige and earthy tones, like shades of green.

Velvet Furniture 

Leather seems like the clever material choice for your sofa until it’s cold. Plush velvet is comfy and warm to cozy up on during those chilly winter days. Velvet is more difficult to clean, though, so we advise choosing dark colours for velvet furniture, like forest green or navy blue.


Metallic Accents

From pewter, to copper, to brass, metallic accents have been a popular trend all year. They’re showing no signs of slowing down this winter, either! The best part? You no longer have to choose one metal, you can mix and match them to create a modern, industrial feel.

Industrial design has taken a cozy turn over the last few years and is no longer seen as “ware-housey”. When paired with natural textures, like wood, stone, or marble,  metallic accents make a space feel earthy and warm.

Designed by: Designed To Sell


Peacock Blue 

There’s no doubt about it that Peacock blue is the colour of the season.

Because it’s so versatile, you can pair it with gold or brass for retro, elegant feel, or pair it with grey, earthy tones for a warm, neutral look.

We love adding accents of peacock blue to spaces we design. Pillows, chairs, and paintings are a great way to add that pop of peacock without it feeling overwhelming in a room.

Designed by: Designed to Sell[/caption]


Graphic style wallpaper designs are red hot this year. From palm prints to geometric shapes, wallpaper is a sure way to add some fun and character to a space. Try wallpapering an accent wall in your dining room or bedroom for a personalized and stylish vibe.

Non-repeating mural styled wallpapers are getting a lot of attention this season as well. Flavor Paper has created an immersive and playful experience through their mural styled wall-paper by incorporating smells and textures in their prints. Pretty cool, eh?


Pic courtesy of: Lovely Indeed