vacant vs staged rooms
Vacant vs. Staged.

Many sellers placing a home on the market make the mistake of thinking an empty, vacant property will sell easily. The common misconception is that a home without any furnishings removes all traces of the current or previous owners, making it easier for prospective buyers to imagine the home as their own. Keep reading for 5 important reasons a vacant home should absolutely be staged!

1. A Vacant Home Communicates the Wrong Message to Buyers: Vacancy gives the impression that the current owner of the home is desperate to be rid of it as soon as possible. If no one is living at the property and the owner doesn’t appear to care about how it looks, prospective buyers may feel wary. They may begin to question whether something is wrong with the property, which can in turn make them more likely to find and focus on imperfections that would otherwise seem minor. Staging easily fixes this problem by making a home look cared for and inviting!

2. Spatial Awareness is Improved: What we know to be true is that an intentionally and tastefully designed space makes a world of difference! It provides prospective buyers with spatial awareness, which allows them to envision how their belongings will fit into a space. Empty rooms often appear smaller than they are, which does the property as a whole a huge disservice. When people can see furnishings in a space, it provides them with a better perspective regarding how and where their own furniture and decor will fit.

3. Staging Elevates A Home: Prospective buyers form their opinion of a home within the first 10-15 seconds of viewing it (which includes online), so it’s crucial to give people reasons to keep looking! Staging can elevate a vacant home from ordinary and bland to luxurious and refined. It’s important to make things easy on prospective buyers. When you show them well designed spaces, it illustrates the home’s fullest potential rather than forcing them to rely on imagination alone–or worse, passing up on the home entirely because they just can’t see the potential.

4. Highlights the Good and Conceals Imperfections: The right furniture and decor complement a space and bring out its best features, showcasing its greatest potential. At the same time, staging can help camouflage architectural imperfections and drawbacks so that the spotlight is on all of the home’s great features. This instills confidence in buyers and can lead to a more profitable sale!

5. Furniture and Decor Provide Warmth: A completely empty home can look and feel cold and uninviting. The goal of staging is to strike a balance, ensuring that a space is elegant without being too personalized. Furnishings give the home character and help it feel comfortable and livable rather than lonely, which helps prospective buyers to visualize themselves living there. For many, the deciding factors in whether or not to buy a home are emotional rather than logical, so ensure your property strikes a chord with those who take the time to view it!

These are just a few of the reasons why staging a vacant home is so important. Contact us today for a consultation and let us show you how we can make your home unforgettable to everyone who walks through the door!